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Ali’s Fish Market

We aim to produce the highest quality food, with the emphasis being on local and fresh. Local suppliers are key to that aim & so we get all our fresh fish from Ali’s fish market just a stone’s throw away.

Ali’s Fish Market is a Galway based Company, with two outlets in Barna Village Centre, and Henry Street Galway. Ali’s Fish Market also operates a wholesale Business, Four Leaf Clover from their manufacturing unit at Henry Street. They have been supplying Hotels and Restaurants in the West of Ireland with the highest quality of fish since 1987.

Ali’s Story

I came to Ireland in 1981, and a few months later, I started work on fishing boats in Rosaveal. The experience I gained through this work has been invaluable to me. It was a great learning opportunity to get to know about the quality of fish, and the different methods of fishing. I also made significant contacts within the fishing industry, throughout Ireland.

After working for two years on fishing trawlers, I noticed there was a gap in the market for peeled prawns, so along with a partner, I set up my first company, Pisces ltd, and I started to supply prawns to restaurants and hotels around Galway and Dublin. The company grew and we started to export whole prawns to Spain and France. The success of the company and the product resulted in one of our customers from France buying shares in the business. Through working with international companies I gained an enhanced understanding of different products and the way in which hotels and restaurants would like their fish to be presented.

In 1993, with that in mind, I started a second company with the aim of supplying fish through my wholesale business, known as Four Leaf Clover to the surrounding hotels and restaurants, as well as opening my first fish shop, Mermaid fish mongers in Henry st, Galway. Due to my past experience with fish I knew that the best quality fish comes from long liners and seine fishing, and that is where I source most of my fish. Through my success with Four Leaf Clover and Mermaid fish mongers, (now Ali’s fish shop) I was able to open another retail shop in Barna in 2010.

My aim has always been to supply the finest quality of fish to all my customers. Of course, we all are aware that fish is good for you, and it is because of this that the freshness of our product is so important to us. I personally travel to most of the ports around Ireland to hand pick the best quality fish for our customers. Almost 95% of our fish is sourced from Local fishermen.